Join Us Feb. 24!

Get ready for an evening charged with electricity. IGNITE!, the inaugural gala fundraiser for SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention, will be unleashed on Saturday, Feb. 24, at Settlemyer Family Hall on the Bellingham Technical College campus.

So much fun stuff will be happening! You won't want to miss this hair-raising opportunity to help SPARK Museum expand its family-oriented science exhibits and educational programming. SPARK is the only dedicated STEM-oriented museum north of Seattle.


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Megazapper Electrical Show performed every weekend!

Every Saturday & Sunday at 2:30 p.m. the Museum presents the MegaZapper Electrical Show featuring one of the largest Tesla coils “lightning machines” in the Nation. This approximately 60 minute presentation features a variety of spectacular electrical devices and demonstrations…


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The Spark Museum of Electrical Invention offers an exciting and educational experience for audiences of all ages. Compelling, interactive exhibits spanning four centuries of scientific achievement and cultural heritage are featured in a world-class collection of unique objects including the giant “MegaZapper” Tesla Coil which produces nine-foot lightning bolts! The Spark Museum displays the inventions and innovations that changed the course of human history.