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TripAdvisor: "Amazing, Informative and Amusing: We spent 2 hours here and we definitely want to come back. Fascinating historical items and information and fun interactive items spanning over a century of experimentation. Definitely a must see!"

TripAdvisor: "Awesome place to take the kids! Everything is hands on! I don't know who enjoyed it more....my husband or our young grandson! Incredibly affordable too!"

TripAdvisor: "Kudos to the guides😀 The museum was great but what made it was the personal attention from the volunteers and their ability to make the past more relevant to kids who only know modern technology!"

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MegaZapper Electrical Show - Extra

MegaZapper Electrical Show - Extra

This live-action science and history show is perfect for families, group tours, school field trips and even couples looking for a fun date night that is “So Bellingham.” Elements of the show include a variety of eye-popping machines reminiscent of Frankenstein’s laboratory. The centerpiece is a fantastic ‘Cage of Doom’ designed and built by world-renowned sculptor Ric Allen. At the end of the show, audience members (aged 18+) are invited to enter the Cage of Doom where they will be bombarded with volts of loose electricity blasting out of one of the largest Tesla coils in the country.

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