Wonder Awaits… For You!

Wonderlab is SPARK’s newest and most ambitious project yet! And YOU can help make it happen! Full of interactive exhibits, Wonderlab will give children and families a place free from the constraints of a typical museum collection, provide them with the opportunity to let their imaginations and creativity flourish, and directly respond to community needs.

Support Wonderlab!

The Vision

For over two decades, SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention has been a cornerstone of Whatcom County. It has been a place where distant memories become shared experiences, where new discoveries become great ideas, and where the young and the old come together to imagine a new and innovative future. It is one of our greatest honors to see guests of every age visit the museum and have everyone experience awe and wonder. 

But we envision more. We want to be a place not just where our visitors experience awe and wonder, but a place where they can act on it.  A place where they can make their own discoveries and activate their own imaginations in a real and tangible way. A place where musings and curiosities can be transformed into creative action. Wonderlab will be a place that inspires creativity, activates imaginations, and fosters learning through exploration and community.

The Need
  • A place for children and families to thrive at the Museum
  • Meaningful support for local students and educators in science education
  • Affordable and enriching family entertainment for our community
The Plan

Wonderlab will be an interactive science gallery dedicated exclusively to hands on exploration, discovery, imagination, and creativity. It will occupy a 3,000 square foot space and facilitate family friendly engagement, support school programs and educators, and create space for increased museum programs.

Key Features of the project:

  • 3,000sqft exhibit space for engagement
  • Elevator for accessibility and equity
  • Roof replacement for safety and sustainability
Current status/Progress
Phase One Summer 2024 – We need a new roof!

YOU can make this import step forward a reality! Your support is absolutely vital to the completion of this project.

Phase one of this exciting new project means making sure the building is in tip top shape to welcome the changes.

SPARK is honored to be part of the Downtown Arts and Culture district in a 100+ year old building. But being part of history comes with its unique challenges. After many years of repair and maintenance, the last few years of heavy rains and snow have taken their toll, and the time has come to replace our roof. This will ensure a safe environment for decades to come as well as improve energy efficiency for the whole building.