Volunteer at SPARK

Volunteering at SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention is a one of a kind experience. Here you have the chance every single day to impact visitors from all over the world with some of the most inspiring inventions and lessons learned from some of the most innovative and creative men and women in history. And you don’t even need a background in science!

Mark, a long time docent, giving a demonstration to a field trip.

“SPARK is a place where magic happens. Except better. It’s science. It’s guaranteed. It’s a place to face your fears, inspire creativity, discover something new, and profoundly expand the world you thought you knew. And that’s just as a visitor. As a volunteer the experience is magnified incredibly as you get to pass on the wonder and excitement of the scientific world to our visitors. Being a conduit for this kind of learning is an incredible honor.” -SPARK Volunteer

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer positions at SPARK satisfy a vast array of interests from electrical engineering to education to theatre! Wherever your interests lie SPARK has an opportunity sure to grow and challenge you in amazing ways.

If you are interested in becoming a SPARK volunteer, please complete the form below, and a staff member will contact you shortly.