The Voice of Bellingham, KMRE 102.3, seeks new home

After more than a decade of broadcasting from the SPARK Museum in Bellingham, Washington, KMRE 102.3 FM is looking for a new place to call home. The station, which launched in 2005, is one of the few independent nonprofit community stations on the local FM dial.

According to SPARK Museum’s President and CEO, John Jenkins, there are some fundamental reasons for KMRE to become an independent station that operates outside the SPARK Museum umbrella.

Mainly, KMRE and the museum have each grown and expanded. The museum is in desperate need of space for new exhibits–watch for a new “War of the Currents” exhibit this winter. They also need more space for artifact storage.

“We’re excited for our friends at KMRE,” Jenkins said. “The radio station has grown over the years into something that is much larger than our original concept, which was to operate a vintage radio station as part of an exhibit in the museum.”

KMRE currently uses modern equipment and technology to offer more than 50 locally-produced radio shows. Programming includes local news, music, pop culture, entertainment, and much more.

Suzanne Blaise, manager of KMRE 102.3 FM, said, “SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention has been a great host to us for all these years.”

The radio station is asking for help from the community as they plan for the future of radio in Whatcom County. Blais and KMRE 102.3 FM ( stakeholders are holding two community meetings to explore where the station can relocate:

  • 3 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 4, at Bellingham Public Library (210 Central Avenue, Bellingham)
  • 5 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 5, at Fairhaven Library (1117 12th Street, Bellingham)

“Bellingham has been incredibly supportive of KMRE,” Jenkins said. “I anticipate that many will rally around the station in ways that will help program hosts and station volunteers continue to do what they love: Be the voice of Bellingham.”