Resistance is Futile

Hello Lovers, everywhere!

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us – a favorite time to celebrate love, affection and the people we feel most passionate about. Whether you’re in a long-term, committed relationship, or just going out on a first date, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to connect with your partner, lover, main squeeze.

The question is: What are you going to do to show your special someone they are, well, someone special?

There are the usual options: candle-lit dinner, expensive flowers, heart shaped chocolates, a little romantic music and some unfortunate attempts at dancing… That’s about it. Not much left, besides matching cat & dog sweatshirts, and novelty coffee cups.

But wait! What if this Valentine’s Day was different? What if there was a place custom made for adventurous couples? A place that promises to make sparks fly for you and your lover, every time. A place where the attraction is always mutual?

The math is simple:

2 lovers + 1 SPARK Museum= Dream Date!

Lovers, Michael and Angela, demonstrating the “honorable discharge” via a lover’s kiss. Look closely to see the spark!

“SPARK is famous for giving lovers an experience they will never forget,” says Abby Whatley, Director of Programs. “Even if they want to.”

What makes SPARK such a popular destination for those seeking a romantic connection? Why does an Electrical Invention Museum attract couples from all over the world—especially potential lovers on a first date?

“The Static Electricity Lab is a great place to start,” says Bryan. “This is where people get to hold hands and experience that tingly sensation lovers are always looking for.”

“There’s nothing like seeing the expression on someone’s face when they get covered in 200,000 volts of static electricity,” says Whatley. “The best part is when couple’s choose to finish the demonstration with an ‘honorable discharge’ via a lover’s kiss.”


A passionate couple letting sparks fly in the Cage of Doom

“At this museum, attraction is more than a metaphor,” laughs Whatley. “It’s a force of nature.”

Double snap!

What if you and your partner want more? What if you guys are a little more adventurous, a little more edgy? What if the 200,000-volt electric kiss is just a warm-up?

SPARK has you covered.

This year, let the SPARK Museum take your Valentine experience to a whole new level.

Introducing—for a limited time only—A brand new Valentine’s Day tradition:

The Electric Kissing Booth of Doom!

Now you can bond with your one-and-only in a tricked-out, fully customized Faraday cage, built to withstand all the lightning you and your lover can possibly handle.

“We basically decorated our Cage of Doom and turned it an electric love-shack,” says Abby. “It’s like taking an electric shower with your soulmate.”

Sound intense? You bet.

“Seeing your valentine bathed in lightning is a total turn-on,” Says Jon Winter, Museum co-founder and octogenarian. “Gives me the vapors just thinking about it.”

Perhaps too intense for some.

“Step inside, close the door, hold hands, and take a deep breath,” says Bryan. “Just stay in the booth.”

Everyone agrees, there is something awe-inspiring and life-affirming about clutching your true love, while literally getting swarmed with lightning.

“You don’t have to go to the Grand Canyon if you want to gaze into the abyss with your better half,” laughs Bryan. “Couples are encouraged to hold hands, lock lips, renew their vows, and use their cameras to take the selfie of a lifetime.”

A couple “sealing the deal” in the Cage of Doom!

Calling all adventurous lovers! Here is a wonderful opportunity to put your love to the test, and have a Valentine experience as unique as your sweetheart.

Just attend the MegaZapper Electrical Show on Saturday, February 10 or Sunday, February 11th and you and your lover will be eligible for our special two for the price of one Electric Kissing Booth of Doom offer.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to celebrate love, science, and adventure in a place we love with all our hearts.

Stay grounded:)