Opera Box Score

Opera Box Score: opera, discussion, education

Our philosophy   Sports are the common denominator of our society.  Everyone’s been to a baseball game.  Everyone has a favorite team or hated rival.  Everyone knows who Michael Jordan is.

So what if opera – its performances, personnel and programming – could be demystified, discussed and promoted in such a way as to become as much a part of the public consciousness as sports?

We want YOU to be part of the conversation with us.  Listen to our show, go to an opera, and talk about opera. Whether you call in to our show, leave a voice mail, send an email, post on Facebook or tweet, your voice can be heard here.

Our show   

We are America’s weekly talk radio show about opera. Period.

We tackle everything about opera and body slam it into a sports talk radio set-up. The result: sixty minutes of in-depth analysis, outrageous opinions and good clean fun. You might even learn something.

Whether you are allergic to opera or a devoted fan, there’s a place for you and your voice on our show.

Air Time: Sundays at 7:00 AM