MegaZapper Electrical Show

Igniting the Spark!

Regular Weekend Performances of the SPARK MegaZapper Electrical Show!

Every Saturday and Sunday at 2:30 PM.

With an explosion of thunder the MegaZapper releases 12 foot  arcs of purple lightning–captivating visitors. John Jenkins, Spark Museum President, says this about the show, “It is sort of Franklin meets Frankenstein – science reality meets science fiction fun.” Elements of the Show include a variety of eye-popping machines reminiscent of Frankenstein’s laboratory. The centerpiece is the fantastic ‘Cage of Doom’ designed and built by world-renowned sculptor Ric Allen.  At the end of the show, up to three audience members (aged 18+) are invited to enter the Cage of Doom while bombarded with over 4 million of volts of loose electricity blasting out of one of the largest Tesla coils in the country!
Click here to see a video of the Megazapper.