The Voice of Bellingham gets Louder!

In less than a year KMRE has grown leaps and bounds, thanks in no small part to the underwriting team! In fall of 2016, KMRE’s station manager, Suzanne Blais, decided to put together a team who could focus their energy and community connections to secure steady sponsorship for the station and build the relationships necessary to support the incredible variety of original local programming on KMRE. Due the efforts of this fantastic team, for the first time ever in the history of the station KMRE is financially self sustaining and flourishing!

KMRE is a community radio station – one of the last truly independent voices for our town at a time when we desperately need quality original local content. Our goal is to make sure that KMRE has the resource it needs during this time of growth. KMRE’s programming and volunteer base continues to expand as they work to bring Bellingham’s stories to the public. Their mission statement is “to be the voice of Bellingham/Whatcom County and the SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention. KMRE serves the citizens of Whatcom County by broadcasting historically important as well as currently relevant music, entertainment, information and public affairs programming that reflects the diversity and originality of our community.”

KMRE is always looking for new shows as well as ways to provide financial support to existing shows. Their  goals is to reach out to more non-profits and people in the community who want to provide local entertainment via community radio. If you are at all interested in becoming an underwriter or volunteering in any way, let us know! Funding secured through underwriting pays for new equipment, supports outreach efforts, and helps ensure the best radio we can offer!


Meet the Team!

Michael, Erik, and Judyth

Michael Waite has a long history of activism, fundraising and media contacts in Whatcom county stretching back to the mid 70’s.   He also did a little volunteer work with KVAZ out in Van Zandt, but got interested in raising underwriting funds for KMRE after attending a meeting with his wife, Jill Bernstein, whose shows South Fork Law and Election Connections are produced at the KMRE studios in the Spark Museum, but also streamed on-line as well as on KMRE and KVAZ.

In a prepared statement, Michael emphasized one mission of KMRE: to provide a voice and mutual forum for other non profits as well as small businesses.


Judyth Sult has been involved in media for many years. She has published and marketed a magazine about traditional music and, more recently, an environmental magazine. In addition, for many years Judyth was the marketing director for a national retail magazine. In addition to marketing and publishing Judyth has been professionally involved in elementary through university education.

Judyth believes that community radio is important to build a sense of place and involvement. She has decided to use her marketing expertise to become involved with the KMRE underwriting team to help the station become more financially secure. Judyth looks forward to taking her for-profit skills to attract underwriters to the KMRE non-profit community radio.


Erik Endresen originally from the east coast, moved to Whatcom County 3 years ago and is now retired. He has been involved in Outside Sales for over 40 years, focusing mostly in Health Care. Most recently, he was the Community Development Director for Soundpath Health. He also has a strong passion for music. That is what originally brought him KMRE. As a result, he is now a DJ at the station on the eclectic music program, THE PROGRESSIVE ROCK PSYCHADELIC BEATLES POP SHOW airing Fridays at noon.

He feels that it is a perfect fit to combine his strength in Sales while adding his passion for the community to experience the independent non-commercial music scene. He is a focused and caring team-based individual that will help this team reach their objectives.



Riley is a Bellingham resident, civics nerd, former political hack and public media enthusiast but his real decent into the madness of KMRE began with producing “Bellingham Terror.” Together with his partner, Bryna, Riley writes, edits, stars and produces Bellingham Terror, an original Lovecraftian horror series set in 1935 Bellingham, currently airing at 7pm on Tuesdays and 1pm on Saturdays. He also hosts “Heart of the TARDIS” which plays classic Doctor Who radio dramas with commentary. When he’s not delving into local history, Riley works his day job as communications officer for the City of Ferndale.