SPARK Mad Science in the Blossomtime Parade, 2017!

On Saturday, May 27, the SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention presents the Zapheads, an Elite Team of highly trained and overly decorated Mad Scientists dedicated to the proposition that everybody should get excited about science! Founded in 1600 (and headquartered at the SPARK Museum on Bay Street since 1999), the Zapheads celebrate the history of critical thinking and all the electrical wonders in provides.

The well organized group will perform a variety of death defying feats featuring nature’s most outrageous force: Lightning. “Large or small, this lightning stuff is quick and nothing to mess around with,” says longtime Zaphead, Gabe Abgasi.

Fortunately for Bellingham the Zapheads are here to protect the crowd with a couple of devices inspired from Benjamin Franklin’s lab. “This almost always works,” reassures Gabe. “I guess the important thing to remember is if you do get hit by lightning, it’s not personal.”

The Zapheads will be dressed in ornate MegaZapper labcoats & electrifying headgear.

“I’m not much for the supernatural, but honestly, can anyone explain this?” says SPARK educator Dave Swanson, pointing to the orange bolt of lightning stuck like an arrow through his head. “People ask me if this hurts,” he says, carefully touching the zagged chunk of lightning between his ears. “Only when I laugh, but hey, it’s for science.”


SPARK will be marching in the Blossomtime parade on May 27th! This is science for everyone so grab your labcoats and join us in the parade!

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