Scott Philharmonic Radio

Pedestal style, backlit dial, with two, tube powered, brass tuning eye indicators. Capable of reception from the standard broadcast band up to 80 megahertz, exposed 24 chrome tubes in the main chassis and another 6 in the power supply (30 tubes total), rare pointer-dial (instead of the beam-of-light which was used in later versions.) The radio frequency section of the …

Grunow Teledial Receiver: ca 1937

Model 1291. Large art deco console radio with famous “Teledial.” This unusual feature allows the user to pick the desired station using a rotary dial similar to a telephone. Known as the “Shirley Temple” radio because of the 1937 ad campaign for the radio, featuring the child star. Twelve tube chassis. Signed “Grunow Radio Company.” American.