S.T.E.M. Summer Games

SPARK Museum

Join us for the 2021 S.T.E.M Summer Games at SPARK Museum!


Every weekend in August we will be hosting STEM themed games, competitions, and challenges for all ages.  Each week will be a different set of challenges, all extra activities are drop in style, and all are included with General Admission so no need to register or RSVP. Just come on by and compete against each other, the clock, and the Laws of Physics.


Schedule of Events:


August 7-8 : Robot Races

Build an obstacle course and guide Sphero through your obstacles. Compete against each other or the clock and practice simple coding!


August 14-15: Quidditch with a Twist

Wingardium Leviosa! Defy gravity and compete against each other or the clock and learn about the Magic (ahem…science) of Static Electricity!


August 21-22:  Catapults & Pole Vaults

Design and create your own catapults and test their accuracy, distance, and height. Modify your design, try again, and become a master Engineer!


August 28-29: Physics Olympiad

Challenge the Laws of Physics in a series of short fast paced Minute-to-Win-It games. See if you can get the best score!


All Activities are designed for ages 5 and up so bring the whole family! (Masks optional if fully vaccinated.)

For more information, questions, or concerns contact Abby at 360-738-3886 or abby@sparkmuseum.org.