MegaZapper in action

MegaZapper Electrical Show

SPARK Museum

Loud, scary fun for the whole family!

Join us every weekend as we unlock electricity’s greatest secrets, recreating the greatest demonstrations in the history of electrical science—right before your eyes! Witness death-defying demonstrations including The MegaZapper, one of the largest lightning machines in the country, and the Cage of Doom, where visitors can interact with 4.6 million volts of electricity and take the selfie of a lifetime!

Visitors inside the MegaZapper

Everything you Need to Know

  • Every Saturday and Sunday at 2:30PM, each Show lasts about one hour
  • $12 for adults and $9 for kids 11 and under (only $4 more than general admission)
  • Not recommended for children under 5
  • Strong electric fields will be present during the Show, so it is not recommended for anyone with pacemakers or other internal electronic devices
  • Cell phones, cameras and other external electronic devices welcome
  • Guests 18 and older will have the opportunity to take a “selfie of a lifetime” inside the Cage of Doom after the Show

More About the Show

This live presentation showcases a variety of electrical devices including Whimhurst static electricity machines, Van de Graaff generators, Leyden jars, lightning rods, electric eels, Edison’s lightbulb, the War of the Currents, musical lightning machines, The Cage of Doom, and features one of the largest Tesla coils in the country, The MegaZapper!

This jam-packed hour of science and history is perfect for families, group tours, school field trips, and even couples looking for a one-of-a-kind activity. “Especially if you’re planning a first date,” suggests Jenkins. “The Cage of Doom is a great place to see if you’re really made for each other.”

MegaZapper Electrical Show Saturday or Sunday afternoons at 2:30 pm, with additional Shows on special occasions, so check our SPARK Event Calendar for the next available MegaZapper Electrical Show for an experience you’ll never forget.

*Warning: People with pacemakers, defibrillators, heart monitors, should not attend the MegaZapper Show without prior approval. Special arrangements can be made. **Not recommended for toddlers and infants, or anyone unable to enjoy occasional bursts of loud, bright bolts of lightning.

“There’s nothing like standing in the presence of 4.6 million volts of loose electricity to help a person grasp the true meaning of the term ‘Force of Nature’”

Click here to see a video of the MegaZapper.