Doing Good – A Tribute to SPARK’s Volunteers

We feel fortunate to live in a community with so many charitable, public-spirited organizations whose mission is to help make our world a better place. 

It’s humbling when looking over the list of the major challenges many of our fellow not-for-profit organizations choose to tackle: 

Food banks, homelessness, mental health, protecting our environment, literacy & education, violence prevention, job training–the list goes on. It doesn’t take long to realize there are many areas of need, and much hard work to be done.

We think it’s always important to remind ourselves that much of the work these fine organizations provide is largely due to their considerable volunteer support. More to the point, this work could not be done if not for the talent, time and effort of their many active volunteers. Period.

National Volunteer Month, 2021 is a great opportunity to recognize the impact of volunteer service, and how that service is vital to building a stronger, better community.  (That’s our community, our hometown.) For many, this is a great time to celebrate the individuals and causes that inspire people to serve, and thank those who do. 

The SPARK Museum could not agree more, and with good reason.

“It’s no secret that SPARK volunteers make our world go around,” laughs co-founder Jon Winter. “From the top down, the SPARK Museum is a volunteer powered organization.” 

For over twenty years, the SPARK Museum has sought to enrich our community with a wide variety of activities & services including education programs, inspiring experiences with the collection, the MegaZapper Show and outreach programs; not to mention everything behind the scenes working together to creating a memorable visitor experience for the whole family. Behind every experience, every event, every program, and every vacuumed floor is a dedicated, vital, and invaluable volunteer.

Bottom line: SPARK volunteers make it all happen!

SPARK has always had the great good fortune of attracting and working with an outstanding group of volunteers. Whether working up-front and in the public eye, or behind-the-scenes, the SPARK Museum’s continued success is largely due to their efforts. People of all ages, from all walks of life, all sharing their unique skills, and making a contribution in their own way. 

That’s how we think it should be.

However, the one goal all of our volunteers—past & present—have in common, is the sincere desire to promote science education for everyone. 

It’s our mission and our goal, and that goal is not possible without the continued support of our awesome volunteers, whose generosity and enthusiasm always shine through.

The SPARK Museum is a place where your volunteer effort matters, and makes an impact.  It can be seen on the faces of the thousands of students and visitors who step through the Museum’s doors every year. (And leave SPARK with an experience they’ll never forget!)

So to all of our beloved SPARK volunteers, past and present, thank you. 

Thank you for your contribution, thank you for making a difference.  

Thank you for your professionalism, your comradery and yes, your fellowship. 

Thank you for making the SPARK Museum the powerhouse that it is.

May it go on forever.