The Mysterious Mr. Collins

In 2003—after over one hundred years of research and experimentation, after millions of miles of wire and cable strung all over the planet—wireless telegraphy had finally become the dominant force in telecommunications. For the first time since its introduction in 1892, the land-line telephone had dropped in world-wide popularity and has been dropping like a rock ever since.

The Power of Partnership

On June 3rd, SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention and the Women in Leadership Group at EnerSys, came together to host the Museum’s first ever Girls STEM Night.

Just Passing Through

Since the beginning of time people have looked up to the sky and wondered about our relationship to the celestial world above and everything in- between. Lightning has always been a baffling wonderment.

Filling The Air With Music

The ‘Sarnoff speaker’ is considered the rarest, most exotic, and expensive horn receiver in existence today. Considered too valuable to reproduce, this beautifully crafted speaker has a permanent home at the SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention. The remarkable story of how this one-of-a-kind speaker came into existence, and how the Museum ultimately acquired it, begins at the turn of the …

Newton’s Noggin

“There goes the man who writt a book neither he nor anybody else understands.”  – Cambridge University student,1688 So goes the joke that made the rounds in England’s academic circles regarding the reclusive Professor Isaac Newton (1642-1726), and his recently published book, Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy’ (1687), often referred to as the Principia.  The Principia is widely considered the …

Volta’s Fishy Invention

Happy birthday Alessandro Volta. Thank you for sharing your world-changing invention, and reminding us that inspiration can come from anywhere–even from a slippery, slimy, creepy, disgusting fish that can shock you senseless.

Remembering Carl Nemeth

“Carl was like our Edison lightbulb: irreplaceable.” We all miss Carl. Our hearts are broken, and proud to carry on, in a place he loved and called home.

A Proper Christmas Tradition

Of all the venerable Christmas traditions, none are more popular and relevant than the Royal Institute’s annual Christmas Lectures, a series soon to celebrate 200 years of science created especially for young adults.

Franklin’s Fowl Experiment

No turkeys were harmed in the writing of this blog post…. the same can not be said for Benjamin Franklin’s ego….