A Spooktacular October!

Halloween is an exciting time at SPARK. It’s a chance to get goofy and a little bit spooky! This year we have several opportunities for Halloween themed fun!

This year SPARK is thrilled and chilled to be involved as the last stop on the Gore & Lore tours through Downtown Bellingham’s haunting history. The Good Time Girls’ Gore & Lore walking tours will thrill and chill you with local lore and real history. Join them for a creepy look into Bellingham’s scariest stories and real life horrors. Along the way you’ll set a while with a few ghosts and ghouls and reveal spine-tingling truths about some of Bellingham’s oldest tales of unsettling hauntings and strange happenings. At the end your spooky stroll, you will be introduced to SPARK’s own ghostly past and an electrifying conclusion!

 Tours are all ages/PG13. Tickets are priced at $18 per person for the tour + SPARK experience and will go on sale starting at noon on Wednesday, 9/13.

To register for these tours visit https://goodtimegirlstours.com/, and give yourself a memorable Halloween!


But wait! There’s more!


October 28th and 29th, join us for a Halloween themed MegaZapper show and a whole Halloween themed weekend here at SPARK! See the incredible Cage of Death! Hear Elvis, the singing Tesla Coil! Witness 4 million volts of mind blowing excitement from the MegaZapper! And don’t forget to keep an eye out for evil Dr. Morbius as he wanders the galleries looking for unsuspecting visitors to join him in his lab!

Shocking sounds, sudden bolts of lightning and bizarre electrical antics will make your Halloween memorable. Come in costume to get your name entered in a drawing for a free Family Membership and other prizes! Both children and adults are encouraged to enter. Follow us on Facebook and stay tuned for more updates on this exciting weekend!