On The Money

On The Money: education, discussion, news, information

On The Money is a weekly financial radio show featuring nationally-acclaimed financial expert and host, Steve Pomeranz. The show educates and protects listeners with money advice covering the entire financial spectrum. From money rebates and rip-offs, to smart shopping, wise investing and retirement financial issues.

Since 2001, “On The Money!” and its association with NPR affiliates features market insights and interviews with experts from all corners of the investment world to keep listeners informed on making smart financial choices. Every week Steve brings you hard-hitting advice and truthful answers to help you make informed money decisions and protect you from the self-serving forces within the financial industry. He discusses various financial topics in each episode, such as retirement tips, mutual funds and investment strategies, estate planning, tips for millennials and more along with answering questions from listeners on air. You will also hear riveting interviews featuring a number of high-profile guests who help to inform and educate the listeners through their years of experience and expertise. Let go of your financial woes and listen to the nationally-syndicated “On the Money!”

Air Time: Saturdays at 6:00 PM