Field Trips


SPARK field trips inspire critical thinking by celebrating the history of scientific method through the study of electricity and the natural world.  Our goal is to get every student excited about science and help launch a lifetime of discovery and self-learning. Through dynamic demonstrations students learn basic physical science concepts, often at a crucial point in their development. At SPARK they discover that science is fun, interesting, approachable. This is science for YOU and everyone can learn how to think like a scientist!

Presentation content modified to accommodate grade level and any specific subject to be emphasized, (i.e. magnetism, sound, American history, et cetera).  To request a field trip visit, please use the following form, or call 360.738.3886             for more information.


 SPARK Gallery Tours–featuring The MegaZapper

These tours are designed to amaze and inspire students of all ages and backgrounds. Knowledgeable docents focus tours and demonstrations on a variety of important early electrical devices and rare artifacts. Telephone, telegraph, early sound Edison phonographs,the Static Electricity Lab are all part of this guided Museum Gallery tour.

A portion of this 90 minute tour will feature a Tesla coil demonstration and can include The MegaZapper, one of the largest Tesla coils in the Country!

  • Ages: Kindergarten – Senior Citizens
  • Cost: $8 grades K-12 / $10  adults
  • Duration: 90 minutes (age appropriate)
  • Available: Year-round; Wednesday-Friday
  • Minimum: 12,  Maximum: 36


 SPARK Science:  How to Think Like a Scientist featuring – The MegaZapper!

What is lightning? Can electrical energy be sent without wires? How do we know what we know? There is a method!

 This 90 minute presentation is designed to inspire a life-time appreciation for science through a string of though-provoking demonstrations including static electricity machines, electronic musical instruments, early recording devices, electromagnets, AC/DC War of the Currents, and a variety of lightning machines including The MegaZapper, one of the largest Tesla coils in the country!

  • Grades 3 and up
  • Cost: $8 grades 3-12 / $10 adult
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Available: Year-round, Tuesday-Friday
  • Minimum: 30 people  Maximum: 100 people
  • Does not include time in the Museum galleries